AWS Certified Solution Architect and What it Entails

The AWS solution architect professional exam is designed in such a way that, you need to have some sort of experience in designing applications for distribution. As a candidate for this exam, you will need to be in a position to demonstrate your ability to design, implement and manage applications with the use of services and tools of the AWS platform.

The AWS solution architect professional exam is a multiple answer, multiple choice format sort of exam. Based on the new exam, it will take you a maximum of 130 minutes and it cost about $150.

Areas Which you will Cover

  • Network technologies and how they work in the AWS
  • How the AWS based applications work in real life and how the client interface is able to connect to the AWS platform
  • How to be able to build reliable and secure applications while on the AWS platform
  • Being able to deploy hybrid systems for AWS components and those with an on-premises data center.
  • The exams entail designs of highly scalable and available systems which require you to be familiar with AWS infrastructure as well as the concepts, deployment, and implementation in AWS, data security practices which are related to AWS, techniques for disaster recovery, and troubleshooting.

AWS Certified Developer associate

For this particular AWS, the exam is all on maintaining and developing AWS applications. When you are preparing for it, you will need to know how to be able to write actual codes which use AWS software in order to access AWS applications from within the core business application.  The format of this exam is a multiple answer multiple choice type of questions. It will take you at most, 60 minutes to finish and you will have to pay $150 to register for the exam.

Areas that you will have to cover

  • Being able to deploy applications to platforms that use AWS
  • Being able to send and receive data between AWS and data centers
  • Being able to select the appropriate AWS services in order to meet the needs of the organization.
  • Being able to manage, provide, and secure systems in an environment of AWS

Whatever AWS certification you are planning to sit for, ensure that you prepare well in advance so that you get it right.