Custom phone grip: Keeping it comfortable and stylish

Phone grips have are fast becoming a necessity as important as mobile covers. It is not surprising at all considering the fact that users are throwing in extra bucks for having the best and the latest smartphone of the market; and who would want their smartphone damaged by falling, spilling, or dropping? The selfie craze is another big reason for the sudden upsurge in the market of these phone grips because of the comfort and security they provide while clicking a selfie.

Just like cover designs, phone grips are also becoming a medium of showing off one’s quirky and artistic side. The phone grip art is the newest addition to the fancy world. Apart from this aesthetic side another factor that plays an important role in the selection of these grips are the adjustability and ease they provide to the users.

Now we have online sites, which provide a great option to the lovers of phone grip- a custom phone grip! These sites provide phone grips exclusively according to the whims and fancies of the users. One can easily go to these sites and customize a phone grip for their smartphones, tablets, or devices. A newly introduced feature is that of swivel which is built in and allows maximum rotation to the device to adjust the viewing angle.

Following are some of the exciting features, which can make the custom phone grip look and feel super comfy and stylish-

  • They can be as narrow as 3mm due to which they take much less pocket space.
  • Zinc alloy of a lightweight is used to electroplate the grip.
  • It has magnetic material due to which it can be easily attached to a magnetic holder or dashboard.
  • A Kickstand, which can be easily adjusted, is provided, to convert your phone to a mini TV.
  • Adhesive base easing the application
  • A 3m tape, which can be peeled very easily, and applied to the smartphone.
  • It comes with a plastic case for carrying and for giving it as a gift.
  • Wide color options facilitate easy to blend with the design of the phone cover.

These custom phone grips come at a price range of INR 300 to 600 depending upon the design and level of sophistication. The users can easily browse through the great number of colors and designs available on these sites and get the best of the phone grip experience at affordable prices.