What is a beginner’s guide to Google finance?

Google Finance is a financial information and business news focused website that is hosted by Google. The main purpose of this is to help people with tracking financial markets and providing them with news about it all in one place. It helps an individual follow financial trends and track specific areas, such as particular companies that are important to them. It is a full-fledged financial information portal which is very useful with its very many features.

Features of Google Finance

Markets and News – It gives a general overview of the financial happenings of the day. It provides necessary information about the performance of the major players in the stock market. The news feature provides people with headlines related to finance from different sources.

Stock Screener – This tool allows people to search for stocks under certain criteria that they have defined with respect to their requirements. This gives one the ability to look up potential investments based on the selected preferences.

Portfolios – This allows one to create a portfolio that remains on the site for them to view anywhere.

Google Domestic Trends – It analyzes the Google search engine traffic to get an idea of the interest of the public in various sectors of the market. This helps one gather information regarding the increase or decrease in web traffic in particular areas.

The above information aims to provide all the necessary details about Google Finance to new users and help make it much easier for them to use.