What is meant by the sports phrase “mock draft”?

The sports phrase “mock drafts” is used by sports magazine and websites in reference to the fantasy sport. In mock draft players from different countries participate to see their rankings compared to the other players and what are the chances to be finally drafted in a real match for the league. There are many people who are specialist in the field and through the Internet and television, they can give fans some understandings as where players are expected to be drafted in final drafting.


As it is helpful for the players to know their ranking, it is also helpful for the fans of the league to predict and speculate as to where their favorite players are drafted. It does not replicate as whether the general managers of the team will be selecting the same players in the mock draft, but it gives a fair idea to the fans as in which team their favorite players are heading to.


If we take an example of the NFL draft of 2018, there were a total of 7 rounds with 256 players landing on the new team. Each round has its own suspense for the fans as well as for the players as there are many turnarounds which aren’t expected in the mock draft. Each round of draft contains names of players and their respective teams in which they are drafted. Each round of mock draft takes roughly 2-3 hours depending on the trades and how quickly teams can make their selection. Also, there are several protocols by which each club chooses their team.