With years of traveling, does your accent ever changes?

Traveling is a whole new experience every time you choose a new place. You stay between new people having a different culture, language and lifestyle compare to your hometown. Each country or city you pick will have its own essence. The environment will be different as well as the sky. And it is a great feeling to explore the whole world and to gain knowledge about each place you go to.

Accent and your chosen cities

It is often asked a person who travels, “Did your accent change with years of traveling?” The answer varies from people to people. It depends upon where you go and how long do you stay there.

  • Some people who just go to tours for some days, do not pick up an accent as a permanent thing.
  • But, the ones who change cities due to reasons like job placements, long time explorations, and so on tend to pick up the accent. This happens because human beings have the ability to change themselves according to the environment they are living in. If the people around you speak in some other accent, your tongue will automatically twist to equalize the same accent.

Our mind is a tricky part of our body. It plays with us and without even our awareness towards something, we tend to catch it. It happens unintentionally, but it does. So, if your accent changes, it is normal and adds a little extra element to your personality.